Ivan Levi

Ivan Levi knows jewelry.  And, he knows how to say “Thank You.”

Ivan is a third-generation jeweler and has a distinguished background as a renowned designer and gemologist. It is his dedication to the industry that has made him a frequent contributor to magazines such as Mid-America Jeweler, Southern Jewelry News, and INSTORE magazine. However, his personal drive and life experiences are the motivating factors behind his new endeavor, Forever Thank You.

Ivan’s family life and work as a creator and motivational speaker are what led to an epiphany about the greatness contained in those two very simple words, “Thank You.” Immersing himself in a culture of thankfulness for things big and small in life, Ivan witnessed the staggering emotional impact that can occur both when someone gives a gift of gratitude, as well as when they receive one.  Compelled by the desire to see this profound effect of gratitude taking root, Ivan discovered a loop, an ongoing experience that only continues to grow in magnitude the longer you keep it going: it is in giving that you receive.  This is the infinity loop, and it has become the centerpiece of Forever Thank You.

Those individuals who do great things, vast or microscopic, feel great and are great because of their action. When you take the time to say "Thank You" for their actions, you feel and become more than GREAT-ful…we become full of greatness, you share that greatness with others, and you are lifted to a new level of fulfillment.   

The Forever Thank You Company gives everyone a tangible way to recognize this greatness in others and in yourself. It is a project about hope, love and faith. It is a tool that empowers others to express appreciation and an opportunity to celebrate the simple acts of kindness that occur every day. Take a minute to remind yourself who and what you are GREATful for, then take a step on your own journey of giving thanks by starting your own loop of gratitude. Forever Thank You is excited to join you in making the world a better place by simply helping everyone remember to say, “THANK YOU.”

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