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We have discovered the benefits of gratitude, and saying "thank you," and you're going to love it!

You probably know an individual who made a significant impact in your life. Perhaps it's a mentor, or a family member.  Maybe it's just a friend who touched your life or a chance encounter with someone that led to a profound change for the better in your life.  There are thousands of reasons and experiences for which you are grateful.  Now, there's a unique way to show your gratefulness.

Crafted by Ivan Levi, the Forever Thank You® series of pendants and pins offers a way to honor and perpetuate gratitude. The unique experience of sharing a Forever Thank You® gift is that it's a two-way, multi-dimensional gifting experience.  The person receiving the gift is honored for doing something great in your life.  At the same time, you are clearly expressing gratefulness in a direct way.  As part of our efforts to share gratitude with the world, we also invite you to share our book, "Forever Thank You®: The Unique Way to Thank Great People," which is a little gem of a book that offers practical ways to share in the power of gratitude.

Forever Thank You® line is a permanent reminder of gratitude--given and received.  Remember, everyone is called to Be Greatful

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Introducing BeGreatful

Introducting BeGreatful by Forever Thank You®!

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Give Big!

We believe in corporate gratitude!  As a way of helping you spread a little more gratitude to clients and colleagues, we invite you to participate in our exclusive "Big Giving" opportunities!

You Gave. We Give.

In the spirit of gratitude, all those who receive a Forever Thank You® gift will also have the opportunity to see $5 donated to their charity of choice, on us.  

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